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About Loxy

Adding values in textile products

We are a leading international provider of components for the textile and medical industry. Our products ensure comfort, visibility and keep you safe.

Since 1970

LOXY has become the largest producer and distributor of seam sealing tape and reflective tape, pushed forward by the strength and quality of our products and solutions. LOXY works diligently to maintain our focus on design innovation, customer-oriented service and industry-leading technologies.


Our innovative DNA

We are working close in cooperation with customers in developing products. Through industry leading technologies and efficient flexible manufacturing, we are focused on innovation ability.

We are proud of our high design and customizing capability.

LOXY–Shaped by Norway

We are shaped by the sea, the fjords, the dark winter, the cold climate and the sun that never sets in the summer. These extreme conditions have taught us that details always matter.

About us

Our values

LOXY shall deliver superior service, ensure quality at all levels, nurture strong fellowship, be passionate and always have an “can-do-attitude” 

Our mission

Through flexibility and passion, we keep people comfortable, visible and safe.

Our vision

We shall be the preferred partner for the textile and polymer businesses. Every single product shall mark the lead in the relevant industry.