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Loxy Stories

End-users put a lot of trust in your solutions and garments. No matter if they are sailors on a stormy day in the middle of the atlantic, or children playing in the rain outside a day care center, you should never let them down. By adding LOXY as part of your brand you promise they won’t be disappointed.

Never let your brand be washed out

Innovation our way is always durable. Whether you need your logo to be flame retardant, reflective, elastic, personalized or safe for industrial washing – or everything at once – we’ll make it happen.

No detail must fail

Firefighters have to learn how to read buildings. The greatest risks in a building on fire are extreme heat and structural collapse.

90 Days

This was what I wanted. In the mountains I have learned a lot about the strong forces of nature, and I think my experience from a life in the mountains has helped me keep...