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LOXY® REX - Our reflective tapes and solutions

Reflective tape materials from LOXY come in all the shapes and sizes our customers in the apparel industry need. LOXY® REX reflective tapes are made to be heat pressed or sewn into place.

Loxy® REX composition

The Loxy® REX composition is based on high index retro-reflective micro glass beads, a polymer layer and textile backing for the sew-on product line. Loxy® REX offers reflective tape in a variety of colors and width to fit any application. Our production flexibility allows us to customize the width of any reflective tape to meet the needs of every customer.

LOXY glass beadsHR
Offshore worker at night with reflective tape

Reflective tape solutions getting the job done

Since the world is often a dark place, being visible can be a lifesaver. The tapes all have one thing in common: they will keep reflecting. LOXY® reflective tape solutions meet the toughest industrial standards.

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Reflective Tape – Simple Solutions for Safety & Active Wear

LOXY® REX reflective tapes are created with a single purpose – to improve visibility. What was once only made for the safety of road crews, sew-on or transfer reflective tape is now widely used around the world. Major garment manufacturers use reflective tapes for sportswear, children’s clothes and emergency services.



The need for reflective tapes in critical conditions are these days obvious, and all the standards provide transparency and necessary regulations. There are different standards for virtually any kind of work and situations, and at LOXY we put our pride in meeting and exceeding the requirements of all relevant standards.

But just as important as performance requirements, LOXY aims to minimize the impact on our environment. There is no reason not to let personal safety and environmental thinking go hand in hand.

Let our versatile tapes extend the range of your garments to the full.


Customized solutions

Did you know that Loxy can customize your reflective and seam sealing tape products? As the words are saying we can do what ever the customer wants.


Frequently asked questions

Reflective tape is designed to enhance visibility in low-light conditions by reflecting light back towards its source. The glass beads embedded in the tape play a crucial role in this reflection process, helping to increase safety by making objects more visible to others.

There are various types of reflective tape available, including pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, sew-on tape, and heat-transfer tape. Reflective tape also comes in different colours, serving diverse needs across industries such as transportation, construction, outdoor recreation, and safety signage, contributing to improved safety and visibility in low-light conditions.

Reflective tape works by reflecting light back toward its source, making objects marked with the tape highly visible in low-light conditions. When light hits the tape, it bounces off the glass beads embedded in the tape, creating a bright reflection.

Reflective tape is commonly used for safety and visibility purposes. Often applied to work wear, vests, helmets, clothing and other objects to make them more visible to drivers and pedestrians, especially at night or in low-light conditions.

Reflective tape is less visible in daylight compared to low-light conditions, but it still has some visibility due to its colour and reflective properties. However, its effectiveness in daylight is not as pronounced as in low-light conditions.

The lifespan of reflective tape varies depending on factors such as exposure to sunlight, moisture, and abrasion. Generally, high-quality reflective tape can last several years before needing replacement.

Fabric softener should be avoided because it affects the binding agent.

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