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About us

Our responsibilities

Our responsibility is based on our commitment to the environment, to sustainability and to quality which helps us to understand and improve our impacts on humanity and the globe.


Loxy’s strategic approach to sustainability is based on being an active and reliable partner, to be a circular business built on renewable energy and to contribute to be an inclusive society.

Through research and innovative design in reflective tape, technical film, bonding film and seam sealing tape have we been able to stand true to our commitment of delivering quality through sustainable operations and values.

When quality and safety cannot be compromised, and lives count on performance, LOXY stands behind you and your brand.

Sustainability at the heart of our business

Since LOXY is a leading international provider of components and solutions to the apparel industry and medical industry, we have a strategic approach which is based on:

Our respect for biodiversity, and social inclusion ensures more sustainable use of resources while contributing to value creation and economic growth.

The collaboration with our suppliers and partners will ensure that procurement reflect our goals linked to resource efficiency, circularity and social responsibility

Utilising resources as optimally as possible

Focusing on reducing our consumption

Keeping the value of products and materials in the loop as high as possible for as long as possible

Our Commitment to the environment

Our business strategy is driven by a passion for converting sustainable development challenges into business opportunities, through innovative products, solutions, and partnerships. As a global company our operations and products have a positive impact, or handprint, on many social, economic, and environmental aspects of our world.

hand holding green leave

At Loxy, our commitment to environment enables us to develop innovative, effective solutions that meet the challenge of protecting the environment.

Loxy always consider the environmental impact of our business at every stage, from product design through manufacturing to the point of sale and product disposal at the end of life.