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Customized solutions

Did you know that Loxy can customize your reflective and seam sealing tape products?

As the words are saying we can do what ever the customer wants.

Do you want your own brand or logo as holographic design on your workwear jacket? Or what about reflective piping on the running jacket or backpack?

Engraving of LOXY reflective materials, for individual customer needs. The possibility of marking the tape and transfers with your own company logo, personalization of clothing as well as preparation of patches, laser or die cutting.


Loxy provides following customized products for transferlogos:

  • Plotter logo – cut out of reflective or non-reflective material
  • Print logo – embroidered, multicolour, for gradients and photorealistic motives or with reflective effects
Reflective tapes

Loxy provides following customized products for LOXY® REX:

  • Holographic design
  • Printed reflective solutions
  • Engraved reflective solutions
  • Segmentations
For decorative purposes

LOXY® piping

AS Loxy Group is a producer of reflective material, we also provide a lot of different piping for garments. Our reflective piping is made of any LOXY® reflective tape, used as a filling of the edges of bags, backpacks, jackets, prams, car upholstery, furniture industry and many others.

The purpose of piping is to make the seam strong and reduce seam slippage. In bags and cushion cover edges, piping is a common use.

Examples of customized products