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Films & Foils for the medical industry

As customer in the medical sector, it is important to have a close dialogue with us as a development & production partner. You should feel confident in choosing Loxy Competence. You as a customer should always have easy contact with the right person in the company and we at Loxy should be able to help you with your questions or challenges in your industry.

Our medical films and foils are produced by blown film multilayer technology.

The multilayer flexible barrier films make various medical devices. They are carried out in a clean and controlled environment in our factory in Sweden.

Performance hygiene and medical films produced by LOXY are for human body applications where user preferences are in focus. The dental and hygiene soft films has very high transparency.

Medical foils

Medical films and foils solutions for your branch

Wound Care

Loxy produces medical film for wound care and applications for instance like Plaster. The breathable material of the plaster protects or covers the wound against external impact.

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Our products for wound care are made of skin friendly TPU materials, which not stick to the wound.

Medical care

Our medical films are also used for medical care, like pharmaceutical plaster. These plasters require a controlled environment because of its active substance within the film.

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This substance is added to the body and that’s why the production of this kind of medical care products requires a clean and controlled environment.

Dental care

Another application for our medical films and foils is dental care. Within this product sector you will find elastic bags or sleeves, which are designed for quick removal.

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Because of its flexibility they can be used around syringes or cartridges for protection dental equipment and products. In that case they are protected from daily cross contamination.

Ostomy care

Ostomy care is a surgically opening into the gastrointestinal or urinary system for removing diseased portions of these system. Often the word “stoma” is used for products or solutions.

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From our production facility in Loxy we deliver products for applications within colostomy or urostomy. Colostomy is a surgically created opening into the large intestine or colon, while urostomy is surgically created opening (usually on the abdomen) that allows urine to flow out of the body. A urostomy may also be called a urinary diversion.

Primary Packaging films

It is essential that medical products or devises keeps sterile. Our Loxy primary packaging films will keep the devices sterile up until use, they provide physical protection and allows aseptic presentation as well.

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Our medical films and foils provide perfect sealing performance by giving the end-product increased bond ability and tensile strength.

Lamination Films

Lamination film is a multilayer film and is a part of a laminate product. The customer can use this film in his own products. Because of the lamination, its possible to combine various material, such as PE, ALU or PET.

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Lamination films are used not only in pharmaceutical or personal care products, but they are also used in other industries.

Laminated Foils

Laminates are finished laminated products. They are made of a base film, like various polyolefins or TPUs. They are coated with an adhesive and is used for single-sided lamination or double-sided encapsulation. Examples of this could Film with Non-woven material or Film with textile on one or two sides.

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