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LOXY Logo Shop

LOXY® Print breathes by the philosophy that simple is in fact better, with great impact on how we think and do things.


Smooth experience every time.

The LOXY logo shop is a great example of this concept, and allows our customers to upload artworks, organize items in a variety of ways if desired and order with ease.

Regardless of you access the shop by phone, tablet or computer – the user-friendly responsive design caters for a smooth experience every time.

Some key features​

Multiuser, yet personal

Each user has unique login and would be presented “their” artworks first, but at the same time have access to all their colleagues’ items.


Built-in option to filter the artwork by suitcase/folder, keywords, quality and users.

Artwork copy

Instantly create a copy with different size or properties on new or existing artwork.

Order history

Full overview per order or per item.


Request, receive and evaluate print proofs. Communication and proofing history for each item. Get notified by mail, or even SMS, when a proof is ready for evaluation. Select textile colour as background to see how the print will be on the garment.


Stated prices are the final invoice prices, as we do not have any “hidden” or creative additional as start-up cost, custom colour charge, cliché, original work, print proof cost etc.

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