LOXY® Bonding Film LB500

Key Features

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Bonding film with soft touch

Key Features

Product Property Wash temp Colour

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LOXY® Bonding film – LB500

The LOXY® LB500 is optimized to be very soft and flexible. It is further optimized to have an extremely good stretch and recovery. The LB500 has one of the lowest loss in load after extensive wear and keeps the garment fitted to the user over long time.

Product advantages

  • Soft touch
  • Solvent-free 100 % TPU improving durability and sustainability
  • Paper carrier for easy application, when cutting the film into the wanted shapes

Processing is also accelerated thanks to the wider window of seal ability provided by LOXY® LB500 application.


Application will vary depending on several factors including fabrics, machinery involved, working conditions and more. Before use in bulk production, each fabric should be individually tested to ensure proper application. Based on your fabric samples, our technical team can test and advise the best application possible.


  • cool and dry area
  • in original packaging
  • avoid excessive temp. and high relative humidity


LOXY has always pushed the envelope to create products that benefit all interests. This approach is reflected yet again in bonding film products, which are BlueSign approved and according to Class 1 Oeko-Tex.

  Domestic wash (ISO6330)




15-25 sec


3 – 4 Bar