LOXY® Bonding Film LB600

Key Features

Product Property Wash temp Colour

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Transparent bonding film with different coloured protection film

Key Features

Product Property Wash temp Colour

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LOXY® Bonding Film – LB600

LOXY® LB600 is optimized to be an allround bonding film and therefor used for several applications and material. This product is designed to strengthen the fabric construction and gives a soft feel awareness. 

The unique colors on the carrier makes tracking a lot easier during production. Processing is also accelerated thanks to the wider window of seal ability provided by LOXY® LB600 application.


LOXY considers the environment to be an important stakeholder. So it isn’t surprising that LOXY® LB600 has a lot of green qualities. For instance, the absence of paper carrier minimizes impact on the eco-system. Furthermore, the solvent-free, 100 % TPU used not only benefits the environment, but improves durability and sustainability.


LOXY has always pushed the envelope to create products that benefit all stakeholders. This approach is reflected yet again in our bonding film LOXY® LB600, which is BlueSign approved and according to Class 1 Oeko-Tex standard.


Application will vary depending on a number of factors including fabrics, machinery involved, working conditions and more. Before use in bulk production, each fabric should be individually tested to ensure proper application. Based on your fabric samples, we can advice for the best tape application.

Handing and storage

Bonding films should be stored in cool, dry area in original packaging. Avoiding excessive temperatures and high relative humidity conditions (75 %) is crucial for ensure optimal performance and long shelf life time (2 years). Good common inventory stock keeping like FIFO principle is highly recommended.

Domestic washing (ISO 6330)
Application. temp. :

130-140°C / 266-284°F


3 – 4 bar


15 – 25 sec