Key Features

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Ideal for workwear, sportswear and other functional garments.

Key Features

Property Colour Application method Wash temp

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The LOXY® REX 17001NC/OB appears to be a specialized elastic reflective heat transfer tape designed for various applications, particularly in garment manufacturing. Here are the key features highlighted in the description:

  1. Reflective Properties: The tape is reflective, making it suitable for use in workwear or functional garments where visibility or safety in low-light conditions is essential.

  2. Wide Application Temperature Range: Its ability to work within a broad temperature range makes it versatile for different fabric types and allows for heat-sensitive fabrics to be used without damage during application.

  3. Ideal for Heat-Sensitive Fabrics: This material is particularly well-suited for fabrics that are sensitive to heat. Its low application temperature capability ensures that such fabrics won’t be compromised during the transfer process.

  4. Washing Properties: Despite its heat-sensitive application, the material retains its washing properties, including resistance to industrial washes. This durability ensures longevity and functionality even after repeated wash cycles.

  5. Non-continuous or oblique pattern (NC/OB): These pattern, whether non-continuous (NC) or oblique (OB), serves multiple purposes:

    • Breathability: The design allows for breathability in the garment, which can be crucial for comfort, especially during physical activities.
    • Increased Movability: The pattern’s design also aids in enhancing the fabric’s flexibility, allowing for better freedom of movement without compromising the reflective or other functional properties.

In summary, LOXY® REX 17001NC/OB is a specialized heat transfer tape designed to provide reflective properties, durability through washing, adaptability to various fabric types (especially heat-sensitive ones), breathability, and enhanced movability for functional garments or workwear.

Method of application

Heat transfer, please find corresponding section in “LOXY® Product Guide” for further instructions.

Handing and storage

In general, store reflective tapes in cool and dry places. Please see “LOXY® Product Guide”.

Domestic wash: Max 60°C, duration 60 minutes.
Refer to detergent manufacturer for right dosage and products for your water hardness.
Industrial wash: Max 75°C, ISO 15797, table 4.8
Tumble drying: Max 90°C, outlet
Dry cleaning: Perchloroethylene dry-cleaning machine is recommended.
Ironing: Not recommended.
Bleach: Not recommended.
Total thickness

200 micron



Roll length

50 meters / 55 yards

ISO 3175

EN ISO 20471 / ANSI/ISEA 107 (ISO 6330 and ISO 15797)