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Ideal for workwear, sportswear and other functional garments.

Key Features

Property Colour Application method Wash temp

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LOXY® REX 17001NC is our elastic reflective heat transfer tape with non-continuous oblique pattern and a wide application temperature range.

The possibility to use low application temperature makes this reflective material ideal for work wear or other functional garments where the fabric is heat sensitive.

At the same time without losing its washing properties, like industrial wash. The non-continuous oblique pattern ensures breathability and increases the movability.

Product information advantages:

  • Reflective
  • Industrial wash

Method of application

Heat transfer, please find corresponding section in “LOXY® Product Guide” for further instructions.

Handing and storage

In general, store reflective tapes in cool and dry places. Please see “LOXY® Product Guide”.

Domestic wash: Max 60°C, duration 60 minutes. Refer to detergent manufacturer for right dosage and products for your water hardness.
Industrial wash: Max 75°C, ISO 15797, table 4.8
Tumble drying: Max 90°C, outlet
Dry cleaning: Perchloroethylene dry-cleaning machine is recommended.
Ironing: Not recommended.
Bleach: Not recommended.
Total thickness

200 micron



Roll length

50 meters / 55 yards

ISO 3175

EN 20471 (ISO 6330)

EN 20471 (ISO 15797)

OekoTex Standard 100, Class I