LOXY® REX 17501

Key Features

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Our highly elastic, reflective tape ideal for work wear

Key Features

Property Colour Application method Wash temp

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LOXY® REX 17501 is a line of highly elastic reflective tape designed for workwear or functional garments, emphasizing flexibility and visibility in workplace environments.

Key features of LOXY® REX 17501:

  • High Elasticity: Known for its flexibility and tensile strength, making it well-suited for workwear and functional garments that require ease of movement.
  • Reflective: Provides high visibility, ensuring safety in various work environments with low-light conditions.
  • Durability: Offers long-lasting performance, capable of withstanding the demands of the workplace.
  • Comfortable Fit: Its elasticity allows for comfortable wear and flexibility, adapting to body movements without compromising visibility.

Method of Application:

  • Heat Transfer: Applied using a heat transfer method. A crucial step involves removing the protective film on the adhesion side before applying the tape.

Additionally, there are segmented versions available:

  • Oblique Pattern: Likely offers an oblique pattern, potentially for aesthetic or specific functional purposes.
  • Non-Continuous Oblique Pattern: This version might provide an oblique pattern that isn’t continuous throughout the tape, possibly serving different design or functional needs compared to the continuous pattern.


The emphasis on elasticity, visibility, durability, and comfort in LOXY® REX 17501 suggests its suitability for demanding work environments where movement and visibility are essential, ensuring both safety and comfort for the wearer. The specific application instructions regarding the removal of the protective film are crucial for proper adhesion during application using the heat transfer method.

Please find corresponding section in “LOXY® Product Guide” for further instructions.

Application temperature: 165-185°C / 329-365°F.
Pressure: 2-5kg/cm2 / 4.4-11 lb/cm2.
Application time: 10-15 seconds.

Handing and storage

In general, store reflective tapes in cool and dry places. Please see “LOXY® Product Guide”.

Domestic wash: Max 60°C, duration 60 minutes.
Refer to detergent manufacturer for right dosage and products for
your water hardness.
Industrial wash: Max 75°C, ISO 15797, table 4.8.
Tumble drying: Normal, max 60°C
Tumble drying industrial: max 90°C, outlet
Dry cleaning: Perchloroethylene recommended.
Ironing: Not recommended.
Bleach: Not recommended.
Total thickness

150 micron



Roll length

100 meters / 109 yards

EN ISO 20471 / ANSI 107 (ISO 6330 and ISO 15797)

ISO 3175