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LOXY® Seam Sealing products and solutions for the medical sector

We offer a range of sealing solutions.

Our sealing solutions includes seam sealing and seam reinforcing tapes, decorative overlay films and bonding films.

In our collection you will find the varieties needed to meet the most challenging adhesion requirements for different fabrics. Our tapes and films come in seven standard colours, and we are happy to produce customized tape and film in exactly the colour needed to match or complement your garments.


Our LOXY® LS130 applies already at low temperatures. The adhesive of the tape is very strong and very flexible.

The LOXY® LS130 is only used for medical protective clothing and antibacterial protective clothing. It’s also possible to use the tape for the vast majority of non-woven fabric products.

Key features:

  • Low application temperature,
  • Strong adhesive force,
  • High flexibility,
  • Good cold resistance,
  • Environmental protection