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Loxy Stories

From top to bottom and back again

Read on to find out how a premium brand of ­children’s rainwear suddenly fell from top to bottom in waterproofing tests. And how we fixed it. 

LOXY Rex flame retardant

LOXY reflective tapes are made to fulfill the most demanding requirements in any situation. Our flame retardant reflective tapes range from extremely durable sew-on tapes and trim tapes with increased visibility to innovative elastic transfer tapes. 

Where and why is water getting through?

LOXY was called in and came down to identify the problem and suggest solutions. After thorough analysis a plan was developed. The main source of leakage was seams that were not properly sealed, due to process flaws and badly chosen materials. 

Making sure it never happens again

The major change presented to the production company was a new requirement specification for seamsealing tapes, for reflectives and for pipings. LOXY also specified the necessary changes in the set-up of the production process. 

Returned to best in test

Before production started for the upcoming collection, all changes that LOXY advised the production company to make were adopted. Careful quality controls were carried out. When the next round of magazine tests  were published, the coveralls were back at their place as best in test.

We add value in textile products

Challenge us!

The devil is often in the details. When the seams start leaking or reflectives disappear in the wash on premium products, customers are severely disappointed in the brand. How do you make sure that does not happen to your products?

When you use LOXY tapes in your products, all of our knowledge and system experience comes built in. And we thrive on challenges. Solving problems and finding new applications for our expertise.

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