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Metallizing polymer films

In our production we have the possibility to metallize polymer films. Our metallizing on polymer films gives a large advantage compared to aluminium laminates for example, due to the fact that our films can be fully re-granulated and used again and again in polymer applications.

Our Metallized Films are widely used in applications such as:

Barrier Films

Often used in a wide range of industries where maintaining product integrity, extending shelf life, and ensuring quality and safety are superior concerns.

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Barrier films serve a diverse array of purposes across multiple industries. Typical areas for using barrier films are food or pharmaceutical packaging, production of medical devices or in industrial applications. 

Heat Shield Films

Play a crucial role in various industries where thermal management is essential, offering protection against high temperatures, improving energy efficiency, and enhancing the durability and performance of products and systems.

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Building and Construction: Heat shield films are employed in building materials such as insulation to enhance energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer through walls, windows, and roofs. This helps maintain comfortable indoor temperatures and lowers heating and cooling costs.

Lamination Films

Frequently used as one layer into a laminate as a more cost effective solution compared to an aluminium foil.

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In addition to cost savings, this choice also results in a markedly reduced carbon footprint. By choosing laminating film over aluminum foil, companies not only gain financial benefits, but also make progress towards environmental sustainability, in line with modern green initiatives and responsible manufacturing practices.

Selective Metallized Films

Offering customized solutions for specific printing requirements, enabling precise design implementation

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This innovative approach combines the aesthetic appeal of metallization with the precision of high-resolution printing, offering customers unparalleled customization options. It also ensures that their products stand out in the market. Whether for packaging, labels or promotional materials, this advanced metallization process adds a touch of sophistication and branding to every project

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