LOXY® REX 13501

Key Features

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Best suited for heavy duty work wear

Key Features

Property Application method Wash temp Colour

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LOXY® REX 13501 is a reflective material renowned for its exceptional retroreflective performance and unique advantages that set it apart from other reflective tapes. Specifically designed to endure repeated industrial washing, this reflective material is most suitable for heavy-duty workwear and intense outdoor gear and garments.

Key advantages of LOXY® REX 13501:

  1. Reflective: Offers superior retro-reflective capabilities, ensuring high visibility even in low-light conditions.
  2. Tunnel Finishing: Likely refers to a specialized finishing process that enhances the reflective properties or durability of the material.
  3. Durable: Designed to withstand rigorous conditions including industrial washing, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Method of Application:

  • Sew-On: This reflective material is intended to be applied by sewing onto the fabric or garment, providing a secure and long-lasting attachment.

The information highlights the outstanding performance and durability of LOXY® REX 13501 in comparison to other reflective tapes. Its ability to withstand industrial washing and cater to heavy-duty workwear and outdoor gear emphasizes its suitability for demanding environments.

Please find corresponding section in “LOXY® Product Guide” for further instructions.

Handing and storage

In general, store reflective tapes in cool and dry places. Please see “LOXY® Product Guide”.

Industrial wash: Max 85°C, ISO 15797, table 4.7.
Tumble drying: Max 90°C outlet
Industrial tumble drying: Max 90°C outlet
Tunnel finishing: Max inlet temperature 155°C
Dry cleaning: Perchloroethylene recommended.
Ironing: Medium iron, not steam.
Bleach: Not recommended.
Total thickness

310 micron



Backing fabric

100% polyester

Roll length

100 meters / 109 yards

EN ISO 20471 / ANSI/ISEA 107 (ISO 6330 & ISO 15797)

ISO 3175