LOXY® Seal 3492

Key Features

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3 layers

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Waterproof protection with our 3-layer seam sealing tape

Key Features

Property Colour Layers Wash temp

3 layers

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LOXY® SEAL – 3492

Our 3 layer seam sealing tape LOXY® 3492 consists of a nylon textile, a waterproof PU membrane film and a special developed hot melt adhesive. The unique polymer development used for the hot melt adhesive allows the tapes to remain soft and flexible after application minimising any transfer impression to the garment outer and provides for excellent performance and durability in wear and washing.

Our LOXY® 3492 can be applied on garments by using hot air taping, laser or ultrasonic machinery. This 3-layer seam sealing tape is best suitable for sealing high performance waterproof breathable fabrics. Since the LOXY® 3492 is flexible, durable and reliable it suits best for medium to heavy weight fabrics, like Rainwear, industrial work wear, footwear, tents, active outerwear and more.

Handing and storage:

Proper inventory control will ensure that your tape maintains optimal shelf life (up to 2 years).

  • Store in cool, dry area in original package
  • Avoid high temperatures
  • Avoid high humidity conditions (<75 %)
  • Use FIFO (first in first out) stock methods
  • Kept away from sunlight/UV-light.

Recommended application conditions

Application will vary depending on a number of factors including fabrics, machinery involved, working conditions and more.

Before use in bulk production, each fabric should be individually tested to ensure proper application. Based on your fabric samples, we can advice for the best tape application.

Hot Air Temperature: 550-620°C
Hot Air Pressure: 0,1MPa
Speed: 2,5-3,5m/min
Roll Cylinder Pressure: 0,5MPa

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