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Loxy acquires Bråtens Fabrikker AS Eskimo

Loxy is proud to announce that we are expanding our business. 1st January 2018 we bought Bråtens Fabrikker AS, Eskimo.

Bråtens Fabrikker AS, Eskimo is a well-established business that dates back to 1955. They are offering high-quality Norwegian wool products, and they are one of the suppliers to the army, and the Sirius patrol in Greenland, which is the Danish dog sled patrol in Greenland. Bråtens Fabrikker AS, Eskimo is the perfect fit for us. We share the same values, and our products are made to be used in tough conditions. Whatever the elements throw at us, our products should be able to handle it. We have high standards for our products, and Bråtens Fabrikker AS, Eskimo has the same views about their products.

Bråtens´ products are made from clean and environment friendly Norwegian wool. These are products that are made to fit the elements. They can handle the extreme. The same are our seam sealing tapes and reflective products. With the high quality of lambswool and long experience in the field, we are happy to offer their products along with our own.
In addition to our existing products, Loxy will now offer socks and sweaters, hats and mittens made with high-quality Norwegian wool. We will offer thermal underwear made from merino wool as well. Both socks and underwear are available with flame retardant properties too.

This will greatly improve our product line and what we can offer our customers. We will still offer our quality products that Loxy in known for. We will continue to produce high-quality reflective tape, seam sealing tapes, logos and branding accessories.

At Loxy we mainly create products that historically have been incorporated into work wear, but we have an increasing demand from sports- and outdoor garment manufacturers. With the new products from Bråtens Fabrikker AS, Eskimo Loxy can offer a wide range of products, from garments that keeps you warm to components that keeps you dry and visible.

Loxy will market and sell the new product range under brand name Bråtens. Look for Bråtens next time you search for warm woolen sweaters, socks or merino underwear.