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Negative effects when using fabric softener on particular material

Think twice about using fabric softener on materials like microfiber, outerwear or sportswear, FR clothing or waterproof garments.

The use of fabric softener has long been a debated topic when it comes to washing special textiles. While fabric softener is known to provide clothes with a softer feel and a fresh scent, it is important to be aware of the potential negative effects, especially when used on certain types of fabrics.

Outerwear & sportswear with technical properties

One of the most significant drawbacks of using fabric softener on special textiles, such as sportswear or outerwear with technical properties, is that it can reduce the fabric’s ability to breathe. Many modern textiles are designed with special technologies to wick moisture away from the body and maintain breathability. However, the fabric softener leaves a thin film on the fibers, which can diminish this ability and make the clothes feel less comfortable during use.

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Additionally, using fabric softener on special textiles can impact the material’s absorbency. This is particularly not good for towels and clothing designed to efficiently absorb moisture. The fabric softener can create a barrier that hinders the fabric from absorbing water, reducing the effectiveness of these garments.

Another potential drawback of using fabric softener on special textiles is that it may compromise the elasticity and durability of certain materials, especially elastic fibers like spandex. Over time, the softener can cause elastic materials to lose their elasticity, decreasing the garment’s lifespan and performance.

It is crucial, therefore, to read and follow the washing instructions on each garment, especially regarding the use of fabric softener. For special textiles, it might be advisable to choose alternatives that do not contain fabric softener or to limit its use to preserve the garments and their technical properties as effectively as possible.

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