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Students learns how seam sealing tape works in the clothing

photo credit: Kristine Kicigina Photography Touch & feel … From left: Susanna Suojanen (FI), Elina Puro (FI)

Young designer students from Masterclass visited LOXY booth at ISPO in Munich. Key Account Manager, Alexander Walper, explained why seam sealing tapes are the essential component of waterproofing the garments.

“Stitched seams will always be the weakest point in a garment when its sewn together, because of the needle’s holes”, says Alexander. “By applying seam sealing tapes, you avoid that seams make the fabric more sensitive to wear and tear.”

Fredrik Nordli, Business Development Manager in LOXY, demonstrated how to apply the tape on stitched seams at the JUKI seam sealing machine. “It’s not only taping, you also need to know how to tape to keep the seams waterproof”, explained Fredrik. “You also need to know what kind of tape you need, depending on the fabric”.

Young designers getting inspiration through workshops

Design students from Masterclass had the opportunity to try themselves to seal seams with LOXY® Seal tape at the Juki machine and were impressed about how this works.

photo credit: Kristine Kicigina Photography Ida Mitiska (A) is eager to try herself how to cover a seam in the perfect way. photo credit: Kristine Kicigina Photography Time for a closer look to some of the products. From left: Ida Mitiska (A), Emma Peer (A), Eva Kuehn (D), Hannah Kaspari (D)
How to cover a seam in the perfect way? Time for a closer look to some of the products
photo credit: Kristine Kicigina Photography Masterclass participants listen carefully … From left to right: Chalin Huege (D), Axel Eveque (F), Manon Garcia (F), Alice Hebrard (F), Brian Dennerlein (USA) photo credit: Kristine Kicigina Photography How to work with the machine? From left: Fredrik Nordli, Per T. Fredriksen ( both Loxy), Hannah Cooper (UK), Alice Hebrard (F), Brian Dennerlein (USA), Stella Burbidge (UK), Chalin Huege (D)
Masterclass participants listen carefully … How to work with the machine?
photo credit: Kristine Kicigina Photography Oooops, what happened? Brian Dennerlein (USA) watches his sample disappear … photo credit: Kristine Kicigina Photography Fully focussed – Manon Garcia (F)
Oooops, what happened? He watches his sample disappear … Fully focussed

Photos: Kristine Kicigina Photography

Partnership for success

The ISPO Academy Masterclass is a partnership between ISPO Munich and Nora Kühner and has existed since 2016. This project inspires young designers and students to be creative, to understand the business in real and to work with a bigger network.

Nora Kühner, founder of Masterclass:

“The Masterclass was successfully launched in 2016 and ever since our claim has been “Creating Another Tomorrow”. We break conformity with pioneering approaches and venture beyond the conventional. Over the years more than 170 students from all around the world took up the challenge and developed bold and thoughtful perspectives for clothing and textile in the 21st century.”

“The Masterclass is a unique interdisciplinary project for the “Designers of Tomorrow” in the textile and sports sectors. A Think Tank fuelled by up-coming international designers and highly experienced professionals.”

About Juki – seam sealing machine

JUKI has been the industry leader in garment sealing solutions for over 80 years. With innovative Japanese technology and world class knowledge JUKI can provide the right solution for the production. They provide LOXY as their partner with complete training and assistance with the seam sealing machine setup so that we quickly and flawlessly can test our LOXY® Seal seam sealing tape on different garments for our clients.


Thanks to Nora Kühner, Masterclass