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Increasing internal competence will boost our business

In-house competence

There are many ways to increase competence internally in companies, among other things such arranging courses, workshops, professional seminars, and continuing education.

In LOXY we are proud of our in-house competence and product knowledge. Many of our employees have been with us for a long time and they know a lot about our reflective tapes and seam sealing tape.
Since LOXY is growing with new employees in Sales, marketing, in our production facilities, we have started our LOXY SCHOOL. The best way of learning new things or increasing own knowledge is by learning this together with or from experienced colleagues.

Practical product training for our Sales Team

The Sales Team LOXY Europe was gathered for 2 days in Kumla at our production facility with focus on seam sealing tape, where we can test our products on different garments by using the seam sealing- and bonding machines.

The importance of being the right partner

“It’s not only to sell our products, but also important to know, how the products apply to the garment or fabric and how I can guide my customers to choose the right product”, says Alexander Walper, Key Account Manager.
LOXY is the a right and reliable partner for the customers. Today we provide our customers with high quality products, and we support them with our technical team. “It also means that we can help the customer when he has a challenge in his production”, says COO Petter Nordli. “It’s all about partnership with trust and respect.”
LOXY School is our own in-house competence center, where we share experiences, product knowledge and -competence. This will in the end benefit our customers.
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