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Keeping you warm during watersports

Keeping you warm during watersports

Watersports requires strength, balance and alertness. You need to focus on what you are doing while you ride that wave or see that beautiful scenery under water. You should not need to worry about the equipment you are using, and with the sealing tape from Loxy you don´t need to worry about the equipment you are using at all. If the products are said to be waterproof, they need to be waterproof, and we will make sure of that. Our Sealing solutions will take care of the areas where the garments are sewn together, and it will prevent the products from letting water in. With products from Loxy we will keep you warm and dry so you can enjoy hours in the water and practice your skills.

A wetsuit is made to keep the person in the water warm. To keep the user warm, the wetsuit is trapping water between the neoprene and the skin of the person who is wearing the suit. Therefore, it’s very important that the seams are sealed correctly. The thin layer of water is heated by the body temperature of the user of the wetsuit, and it will keep the person warm in cold waters. The wetsuit will also protect against jellyfish and a rocky seafloor. Divers will often wear a drysuit if they are diving in cold waters. The drysuit will keep the user warm by keeping them dry. For a drysuit it’s important that no cold water get in the suit during a dive.

Test the products to their limits

There are many places around the world where you can test the products to its limits. The colder the water, the more important is the thickness of your suit, and the importance of tape, glue and stiches used to seal the suit. It’s important to have a suit that is reinforced so no water gets through.

Take for instance diving in Saltstraumen. Here you really need to trust your equipment to be able to enjoy your dive. Saltstraumen with its large eddy currents that can be up to 10 meters in diameter and up to 5 meters deep can be challenging to many divers. During the dive you are swept with the currents and you can see a large number of fish, seashells and beautiful colors under water. When you are diving in Saltstraumen your products will be tested to its limits. You suit, dry or wet, needs to keep you safe in the strong currents. When you are dragged along the currents the seams need to hold, and no wear and tear can occur.

To test a wetsuit, you can go cold water surfing in Tofino, Canada. While surfing flexibility, durability, and movements are important factors from your wetsuit. You need to be able to move around to catch the perfect wave. The wetsuit will protect the surfer against jellyfish and rocky shores. If the surfer hit the rocks or fall into the cold water, you need to make sure the products they are wearing will protect them, and the sealing solutions from Loxy will make sure the surfer is protected. The sealing solution will keep the surfer warn and keep the suit from tearing. The sealing solution will keep the weak spots of where the garments are sewn together stay together. Every inch will be reliable with a suit made with sealing solutions from Loxy.

Our experience and knowledge have made Loxy sealing solutions a reliable product for sportswear that are put to the test. Let us worry about the equipment, so you can just enjoy the water. So, go outside, go in the water, test our products, and give us feedback on the product.