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LOXY Sweden has been nominated to Export business of the year

Örebro-galan is an annual event organized by Mälerdalen Chamber of Commere in Sweden. At the gala , 14 prizes are awarded to people, businesses and organizations that have had success in commerce, culture, and other fields of society.

Several of the prizes are awarded through a public nomination process where the public nominates the candidates. Every prize has its own jury, which decides the finalists and winners.

In order to be nominated to export business of the year, the company needs to fulfill certain criteria. They need to:

  • Have their main business in Örebro Municipality
  • The companies’ turnover must be above 10 million SEK the latest year.
  • Have a solid economy with at least 3 years of increased profit margin.
  • Have a positive growth of export. At least 50 % of the turnover should be from export.
  • The exported product should mainly be produced/processed in Sweden.
  • The products should be distributed to more than one marked, or have exceptional growth in one marked.

    The Jury’s justification for nominating LOXY:

    LOXY is a subcontractor to the textile- and clothing industry. The company produces tape that seals seams in clothing. Sales growth has been good in several years. Investments in new machinery and new premises have enabled the company to increase the capacity even more. Export constitutes about 80%. The tape from Kumla in Örebro is exported to several countries.